is not a trend, it is an integral part of our business.

Clean & sustainable philosophy

Working in small batches allows us to buy the exact amount of ingredients we need, keeping food waste to a minimum. And by only using organic ingredients grown without pesticides, we’re supporting an agriculture system that benefits biodiversity and wildlife.

Ingredients we use

We use the highest quality of seafood sourced through sustainable methods to protect the health of our oceans. By using wild-caught salmon, we can ensure that the fish have lived a natural life and consumed a diet free of antibiotics and artificial feeds.

We source our mussels from the clean, uncontaminated waters of PEI. Mussels are one of the most sustainable foods as they filter the water to absorb nutrients and don’t require any additional feed.

Where we produce

Sourcing local allows us to minimize our carbon footprint and support local communities. We only work with vendors that share our core values, never cutting corners and always looking for ways to improve.

Sustainable packaging & recycling

There are currently over 300 million pet food bags ending up in landfills. This is why we adopt Terracycle’s zero waste box program to properly recycle our pet treats pouches by following these easy steps below.

Let's recycle your empties

1. Fill out the form below to request a prepaid shipping label

2. Collect and pack your empty Luca Pets treat pouches

3. Print your free shipping label, attach it to your package, and drop it in the mail

4. Terracycle breaks down and recycle bags